Online Vape Shop - Jacksonville

Online Vape Shop - Jacksonville  

Special shout out to all of the disposable vape lovers residing in Jacksonville Florida, the largest city in the United States of America! Puffin Vape Shop is a business headquartered in Florida that provides Jacksonville with Puff Bars and HQD Cuvies online! We offer same-day fulfillment to the entire Jacksonville area, which means no more waiting weeks for your disposable e-cigarette vape pen devices to arrive!

Top Vape Brands - Delivered in Jacksonville 

Our web-based smoke shop will ship your Cuvie disposable and Puff orders within 24 hours of receiving it online. You can stay in your Jacksonville home and have disposable vapes, including Puff Bar, Pop, Buzz, and Cuvie, delivered right to your door!

Innovative E-Cigarette Devices  

Puffin Vape Shop also carries emerging e-cig brands that haven’t even hit the stores in Jacksonville yet. These cutting edge electronic cigarettes are arguably better than some of the OG single-use vaporizer brands. Try the 600 puff Pod King Maxx, puff on a super thin HQD Maxim or enjoy flavorful hits with Barz (Buzz) Disposables!

Real Puff Bar, POP, Cuvie - Authentic Vapes is dedicated to providing the Jacksonville community with authentic disposable vapes. We give you the tools to verify e-cigarette authenticity - Avoid counterfeit vapes with our vape checker page.

We Handle Disposables with Extra Care - COVID-19 Protocol makes zero direct contact with your e-cigs when packaging and preparing orders. The person fulfilling your Jacksonville vape delivery request wears a face mask and gloves throughout the entire process. 

Conclusion - Shop with us Jacksonville!

Visit our online vape store for same-day vape shipping, 100% authentic disposable vapes and incredible prices! We have a special discount for our fellow Floridians located in Jacksonville - Use coupon code VapeVille for 10% off your entire order!