Puff Bar, HQD Products, Cuvie, Fume - International Shipping

International Vape Shipping

Puffin Vape Shop is certified by IATA (International Air Transport Association) to ship disposable e-cigarettes internationally. We invested in our education and acquired the necessary licenses and knowledge to ship battery powered vaporizers all over the world. International customers can now order HQD vaping products, Cuvies, Puff Bar, POP, Fume, Loy XL, and other disposable vape brands with confidence.

Disposable Vape International Shipping - Image displays Puff Bar, POP, Pod King, HQD Cuvies, Barz, and HQD Maxim

The IATA certification allows us to ship to many countries. As a customer, you don’t have to concern yourself with the order being stopped. Thanks to our license, we ship vapes globally with complete transparency. We serve customers in France, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Russia, Lithuania, Ireland, and many other countries that allow the sale of e-cigarettes!

Puff Bar, HQD Cuvie Discount - Worldwide 

Use coupon code VapeWorld at checkout for 10% off your order. You can expect responses from us in 8 hours or less depending on time zone and prompt shipping. 

Authentic Vapes - No Fakes 

The fake vape epidemic has e-cigarette users scurrying to find authentic products. Puffin Vape Shop provides the tools and education to help our international customers make informed purchasing decisions to avoid counterfeits!

FAST Shipping & Immediate Responses 

We package and provide your orders to DHL the same day they are received. Our website automatically sends an email with your tracking code. Reach out to us anytime with questions or requests. If you can't reach us, please send an email tp info@puffinvapeshop.com and we will respond in under 6 hours!