Our Mission

About Puffin Vape

Puffin Vape Shop strives to provide the best service, essential information and lowest disposable e-cigarette prices. The following summarizes our philosophy and approach to the e-commerce vaping industry.


Our detailed e-cig blog demonstrates a true dedication to educating customers about one-use vaping products. Puffin’s articles are well-researched and cover a variety of important topics, including authentication instructions, flavor reviews, industry updates, and more!


Our competitive vaporizer pricing makes us one of the most affordable online vape shops. We provide replacements for any defects, which should be considered when calculating the cost of your purchase. These are electronic systems — Occasional issues are inevitable. Don’t waste your hard earned money on a broken product. You can count on Puffin Vape to do the right thing.

Customer Service

We are proud to have over 40 five star reviews on google! You won’t see any negative feedback on our page. This positive result is from us taking the time to communicate and support every single customer. Our top priority is to ensure your 100% satisfied. Did you get a rare defect? We’ll take care of it. Have a question about salt nicotine flavors? We’ll will give you a detailed and unbiased review. Need more info about shipping? Refer to our policy or feel free to reach out to us!

Choose Puffin

We do whatever it takes to make our customers happy. We’re dedicated to meeting your specific needs or supporting an extenuating circumstance. A lot of companies offer a satisfaction guarantee, but we actually follow through on it every single time. Our goal is to build long-term relationships with every single person who gives us an opportunity.