Verify Disposable Vape Pens - Detailed Instructions

Make sure your disposable e-cigarette is real! Puffin Vape Shop provides detailed vape pen verification instructions for Puff Bar, HQD Cuvie, Fume, Pop, Geek Bar Pro, and more! Here are the exact steps to confirm that your e-cig is authentic!

Vape Verification Resources

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What's Wrong With Fake Vapes?

It is important to only use official vaporizers that are produced by the actual manufacturers. These organizations are developed businesses that have proven methods for producing efficient and reliable vapor delivery systems.  If you are going to vape, make sure it's the real thing. The main issue with clones is that you can't be sure about the environment or methods used to produce them. If they are imitating someone else's product and taking shortcuts, who knows what other corners they're cutting to make money. 

Many companies, including HQD Tech, are applying for a Premarket Tobacco Application (PMTA). If you review the details of this application, it's clear that these requirements are essential to minimizing health risks. Counterfeit factories are not necessarily on the FDA's radar, which gives them more freedom to potentially produce harmful disposable salt nicotine vapes. 

Get REAL E-Cigs Only

Counterfeit Puffs, HQDs, Fumes, and POPs have penetrated the electronic cigarette device industry. It has become harder than ever to find legit nicotine delivery systems.

Although the cost on fakes is generally much lower than real pods, our smoke shop gives you amazing prices on authentic vaping products, so your pockets won't feel much of a difference. Shop for Fume Extra and more with confidence on our online store