Delivery Protocol For COVID-19

Delivery Protocol For COVID-19

Puffin Vape Shop's strict protocol for handling disposable vapes during COVID-19 gives our customers reassurance that their items are untouched. 

Zero contact handling and delivery should be a top priority for any business that’s still operating amidst Corona Virus. Whether the company has a physical smoke shop or an online vape business, they must put the safety of their loyal customers above everything else. At Puffin Vape Shop, we consider the cleanliness of all deliveries and the safety of anyone receiving our products.  

The following article summarizes our approach for individuals who order our disposable vape pens online, ensuring the safest possible delivery. Our electronic cigarette delivery protocol has been formulated based on best industry practices and expert articles.


  • Your E-cigarette packages are sanitized and prepared by an individual wearing gloves and a face mask.


  • The individuals preparing your vapes for delivery have had ZERO Corona symptoms. Puffin’s fulfillment team avoids all unprotected contact with other people.


Our goal is to help the vape community stay indoors with great customer service and fast delivery options.

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