Puffin Vape Shop Contact Info

A. Customer Service Email: Info@puffinvapeshop.com

B. Customer Service Number: (954) 391-7269

We respond to all of your inquiries, questions and requests in under 8 business hours. Puffin Vape Shop appreciates your business and interest in ordering from us. Your trust is honored with immediate responses and friendly customer service. Although COVID 19 has slowed down certain aspects of business, responding to our customers is something that remains completely in our control. This pandemic has not impacted our ability to provide fast answers to our e-cigarette community. 

C. Business Address: 2201 Griffin Road, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312

D. Skype: Puffin Vape Shop 

Our store is mainly online, which means that we take orders on our website and ship to national and international locations. We are willing to video chat or even meet in person to serve your needs. That said, we do offer local pickup at our office in Fort Lauderdale, which helps customers save money on shipping and receive vaping products faster.