Best Disposable Vapes to Quit Smoking

Best Disposable Vapes to Quit Smoking

Disposable Vapes To Quit Cigs

Many vapers use e-cigarettes as a quit-smoking-aid. HQD, Fume, Geek Bar Pro, Air Bar, Loy, and other one-use vapes provide cigarette smokers with the convenience they crave.  

We are NOT claiming that Vaping is a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes. 

Open Versus Closed Vaping Systems 

Pre-filled vapes are more familiar for cig smokers than bulky electronic cigarettes that require constant maintenance. The delayed gratification of refillable open systems do not give tobacco smokers the convenience that they’ve become accustomed to. Traditional vapor devices often require charging and constant e-juice purchases. On the other hand, disposable nicotine delivery systems are more practical and relatable for those attempting to drop the tobacco habit.

Even more efficient than cigarettes 

The buttonless engineering of these salt nicotine vaping products make them more commonplace for individuals who enjoy smoking tobacco pre-rolled in paper. In fact, electronic cigarettes require even less steps than a traditional cigs — No lighters or linger smell! Not one second is wasted with these next-generation vaporizers. Just open the pack and pull from the device immediately after purchasing it. When you finish vaping the e-juice, toss it and open a new pack.

What is a Disposable Vape?

Disposable e-cigarettes are a type of vaping hardware that’s pre-infused with nic salts liquid and a fully charged built-in battery. The majority of disposable e-cigarettes produce around 300 puffs and contain 5% strength salt nicotine content, which equals about one full pack of cigs. These single-use e-cigs can be enjoyed in two simple steps —Just open the wrapper and pull vapor from the mouth piece into your lungs. These small and discreet devices can be smoked and discarded without wasting a minute. 

Manage Nicotine Intake 

Disposables vapes make it simple for cig smokers to get an idea of how many vapes they would need to purchase per day to appease their nicotine needs. Most e-cigarettes contain 300 pulls, which is comparable to a full pack of cigarettes. There are certain single-use e-cigs that yield the same amount of nicotine as 2 packs of tobacco cigs. For example, the Pod King Maxx comes with double as many puffs as its competitors. 

Where to buy disposable vapes?

You can find great disposable electronic cigarette deals on All of Puffin's products are 100% authentic. You can verify the vapes for yourself on our real e-cigarette checker page. 


The ability to bust open a pack and start vaping immediately makes Cuvie, Puff Bar, Pod King, and other reputable pod systems the perfect solution to help people quit cigs. Eliminate cigarette cravings and keep on vaping with discardable nicotine delivery devices.

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