Why Is Adult Signature Upon Vape Delivery Important?

Puffin Vape Shop has two layers of security to prevent underage vaping. E-cigarette shops that don't have compliant age checking technology and adult signature upon delivery are breaking the law! When you support a vape shop that's dedicated to doing the right thing, you are helping to protect our youth and preserve the vape industry. It's a moral obligation to work with businesses that DO NOT hurt children just to make more money. 

Age Checker Is NOT Enough

We use age checker, a leading youth prevention software, to verify DOB at checkout. The tech cross references the customer's birth date, address and name to stop people who are under the age of 21 from making purchases. Although this system is a great preventative tool, it's far from full-proof. That's why Puffin requires adult signature upon delivery of any vape-related mail. 

On March 26th, 2021, the Federal Government announced that adult signature for all shipments of vaping devices is required.  Basically, an adult over the age of 21 that resides in the receiving address must show a photo ID to the postal carrier and sign. 

Adult Signature Is FULL-PROOF

Here's a perfect example of why on-site age verification is not enough to prevent underage vape consumption.

Kids are stealing adult's wallets and entering their info into age checker's system. With an adult's ID and credit card, minors are able to make vaporizer purchases and beat the age verification software. That's why adult signature is essential. The adult sig requirement ensures that minors can't receive a package without adult signature.

Puffin has halted ALL attempts by minors to receive vapes with adult sig requirement. Even if a minor manages to steal information from someone who is old enough to purchase vape pens, they still won't be able to receive the ENDS (Electronic Nicotine Delivery System) upon delivery. We have had several parents thank us for implementing this powerful preventative measure.

Moral Responsibility

Although adult signature is inconvenient and expensive, it ensures that minors don't get their hands on highly addictive vaping systems. It also shows the government that there are honorable e-cig businesses and improves our chances of saving the vape industry.

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