Whiff By Scott Storch - New Packaging

Whiff By Scott Storch - New Packaging

Whiff Vape Scott Storch - New Package & Design

Whiff disposable vape pens have surpassed e-cig expectations with delicious flavors and perfect airflow. Scott Storch and the team at Whiff recently updated their packaging with beautiful new designs and anti-counterfeiting stickers.

New Versus Old Packaging

The Whiff e-cigarette device was released in 2021. Therefore, many stores still have the older packs and boxes. This does NOT mean they are selling fakes. The 5% nicotine concentration, e-juice flavors and vaping hardware are completely identical. The vaporizer company and Scott Storch merely changed the packaging and design. Here are the main changes that Whiff implemented in August, 2021.

  • Each box and pack comes with a scratch-off sticker to avoid fake Whiff
  • Boxes, packs and mylar bags are vibrant with images of the fruit or flavor

This image displays the former and current Whiff packaging to give you a better idea of the main differences.

Whiff By Scott Storch Old Versus New Packaging

Scott Storch's Vape

Whiff is emerging as one the best disposable vape pens that was introduced in 2021. The company is constantly innovating their nicotine delivery systems. Stay tune for the latest Whiff updates and news.

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