Verify Air Bar Disposable Vapes - Avoid Fakes

Air Bar disposables from Suorin are innovative e-cigarette devices that don’t require charging or filling. Unique engineering and airflow make these disposable vapes extremely hard to duplicate. Still, counterfeiters are desperately trying to copy Air Bar devices! Puffin Vape provides essential details and resources to detect phony Air Bars. 

Air Bar Authentication Page 

Each Air Bar comes with a serial number — Gently peel off the scratch-off label and use your phone's camera to scan the code or enter it into Air Bar's official counterfeiting page. If the product is legitimate, you will receive an anti-counterfeiting code and timestamp. Learn more about verifying Air Bar e-cigarette devices


Air Bar is the only electronic cigarette brand that offers a warranty on their official website. This proves that the brand has great confidence in their product. Puffin Vape also offers replacements or refunds for any defects. We are happy to be working with a likeminded company that puts customers first. 

Air Bar Models

There are three popular Air Bar devices available. Each system comes with similar flavors, but the hardware is different. 

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