Best Puff Bar Alternatives

Best Puff Bar Alternatives

After Juul Labs removed flavors from their menu of e-juice options in November, 2018, Puff Bar quickly became the most popular e-cigarette. Their legendary growth in the disposable vape industry came with a major problem - Counterfeits. This article highlights Puff’s challenges and the best disposable vape pens that will exceed e-cig expectations.

The Puff Problem

Several companies in China are producing knockoffs and shipping them to the United States. Puff’s verification link stopped functioning properly a few months ago and it became increasingly difficult to spot a fake. On May 18, 2020, the company that owns registered trademarks for Puff Bar filed a $75 million lawsuit against counterfeiters. This will potentially decrease production of phony e-cigarettes.

Counterfeit puff bar verification result on official website

No Sales in America

On July 20, 2020, Puff Bar and other disposable e-cigarette companies received warning letters from the FDA. This seemed like the beginning of the end for these infamous disposable vapes in America. Cool Clouds Distribution Inc., the producers of Puff Bar, decided to cease US sales after receiving massive scrutiny from anti-vaping organizations and government organizations. They temporarily stopped selling their nicotine delivery systems in America. If you see any Puff Bars in the U.S. right now, they are 100% fake.

Disposable Loophole 

Puff Bar was able to capitalize on a loophole to continue sales, but that was a short-lived solution. Basically, they interpreted the flavor vape ban as not applying to disposable electronic cigarettes (ready-to-use vaping systems). In reality, this exemption does not apply to disposable vape companies that were established after August 8, 2016. 

The Solution

There are about one million searches on google for “Puff Bar” every month, per Ubersuggest’s keyword research tool. Many US vape users are scrambling to find a replacement. It has become increasingly difficult to purchase these salt nicotine systems. To avoid picking the wrong option and wasting money, here are the best Puff Bar alternatives to try. These brands have arguably surpassed Puff Bar in terms of flavor, reliability and affordability. 

REAL Puff Bars Available Now!

The official company, now named PVG2, resumed sales to 12 carefully selected businesses, including Puffin Vape. Approved Puff Partners received the newly upgraded devices that come with proprietary anti-counterfeiting technology. The authentic Puff Bars are became available in September 2021.

Best Puff Bar Alternatives 

Puff Bar took over the disposable vape game with their appealing e-juice flavors and brilliant branding. This rectangular salt nicotine device has dominated the e-cig market for years, but there are constant innovations in this industry. New and improved vaporizers are starting to emerge. 

Fume - #1 Vape

Fume emerged onto the e-cig scene with their 1500 puff EXTRA device and arguably the tastiest salt nicotine flavors. Recently, Fume released the 2500-puff ULTRA vaporizer and 3500-puff INFINITY device. Most plus-sized vapes are harsh due to their super powerful pre-inserted batteries, but Fume does not have that issue. Every puff generates the perfect amount of vapor smoke and flavor. That said, the hits are extremely direct and cause a major nicotine buzz. After getting used to the increased airflow, Fume will surely become your favorite vaping product. 

Order Fume Today

Shop for all 27 flavors of Fume today. Only $11.99 for an e-cigarette kit that lasts about 3 times longer than the traditional 300 hit e-cig options. 

Buzz - Best Value Vaporizer 

Barz, previously known as Buzz, has set the tone for delicious nic salt flavors and low cost vapes. Many vapers believe that Puff Bar and Buzz Barz are produced by the same manufacturer, but that’s not the case. This misconception is due to Barz flavors being incredibly similar to Puff Bar's!   

Lowest Cost

Order Barz (Buzz) onlind for only $4.99 per device. These scrumptious salt nicotine pens are arguably the most underrated vape option on the market. 

Displays exactly what is inside a buzz barz disposable vape - atomizer & trigger, battery and juice well, exterior casting


  • Pre-Infused with 1.3ml Nic Salt e-juice 
  • Internal Battery: 280mAh
  • E-liquid: Each Vapor system has (5%) 50MG 
  • Provides approximately 300 puffs per vape pen
  • Activates upon pulling from the mouthpiece
  • $4.99 per disposable pod
  • 11 flavor options
  • Ultra thin and disposable
  • Ready to rip immediately after opening the pack 

Cuvie - Best Selling Vaporizer 

Cuvies are one of the most consistent and delicious one-use electronic cigarette pens on the market. HQD Tech masterfully infused 5% salt nicotine e-juice into super compact and reliable disposable vapes. This created an unparalleled experience for vapers all over the world. 

List of several cuvie flavors with images and design

Detailed Specs

* 3 vaping sticks per pack

* 3-piece-package equates to about 60 cigarettes

* Discount code PuffPro10 at checkout - $14.39 for 3 e-cig devices  

* Orders provided to shipper in under 24 hours - One business day 

* Shipping internationally with DHL. Certified with IATA 

* Pre-filled - Does not require a charge or refills - Open the pack and start puffing 

* 1.25ML e-liquid capacity 

* 5% (50mg strength) strength nic salts

* Voltage: 3.7V

* Power Range: 7W-12W

* Size: 80x20x12

* Weight: 12 grams

* 280MAH battery 

* 27 e-juice flavors 

* 18 of the options are Iced/Menthol

How to tell if a Cuvie is Real

As is the case with all popular e-cigs, counterfeiters are scurrying to produce phony duplicates. That’s why we provided the most detailed information on how to identify a fake Cuvie.


Unfortunately for vapers and e-cig businesses, Puff Bar’s reign in the US has ended. The good news is that you can purchase a great e-cigarette alternative. In general, the future of flavored e-juice is uncertain. There is a strong chance that other disposables will be prohibited for sale in the USA soon, but for now, there are still incredible pre-filled devices available for online purchase - Just make sure to always buy from a credible source that doesn’t sell fakes

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