Pact Act Online vape shop solutions

PACT ACT - Online Vape Shop Solutions

PACT ACT - Shipping & Compliance

PACT Act poses two major challenges for online vape shops — Compliance and shipping. This article is for anyone that sells vapor delivery systems online.

Shipping Limitations

All of the major shipping carriers will stop delivering vapes this month (April 2021). USPS will cease all e-cigarette deliveries on April 27th. DHL, UPS and FEDEX have already officially stopped shipping. This leaves very few options for adult Vape-users to receive their products.

Delivery Solutions

The good news is that there are private carriers willing to handle the logistical challenge with adult signature collection included and surprisingly decent rates. That said, most of these companies require a 500 order minimum to pick-up on any given day. Online e-cigarette stores need to come together to meet that 500 package quota. Basically, several companies can drop-off their shipments at an agreed upon location on a daily basis. If you plan on registering and reporting properly to comply with the law, we would like to invite you to join our shipping group. Send an email to to schedule a meeting. There is no markup on our end. The goal is to put together enough daily orders to ensure all of our valued customers receive their products promptly. 

Register & Report

The vast majority of e-commerce stores that sell vaping products can’t afford $143,000 to register with every state and install reporting software. It’s almost impossible to manually gather and formulate the necessary documentation on a monthly basis.


Pricy technology is the only viable solution right now. If you can’t afford to register and comply with federal law, we think the best move is to merge with one or more stores or consider selling your website. Merging will give businesses more buying power to handle the expensive cost of staying in business. Puffin Vape is open to acquiring or merging with select businesses. If you’re open to discussing a merger or other potential collaborations, please send an email to


This article is opinion-based. If you’re looking for official guidance, we suggest contacting the appropriate government party or an attorney.

Puffin Vape supports any decision that will help eliminate underage vaping. I do believe that other ethical businesses share the same goal. With an open and transparent line of communication, the vape industry can work with officials to provide additional insights. If you don’t have an age checker, we strongly suggest that you implement it immediately, in addition to starting the PACT Act compliance process. We are fighting hard every waking minute of every day to overcome these obstacles.

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