New Cuvie Plus Flavors - Nuts & Tobacco

New Cuvie Plus Flavors - Nuts & Tobacco

Cuvie Plus Flavor Release - September 2021

HQD official released the Cuvie Plus Nuts Tobacco and Tobacco flavors in September 2021. Nuts tobacco and classic tobacco are super popular in the Cuvie V1 model, so it makes sense that the official manufacturer would introduce these e-juice options in their top selling plus-size HQD device.

Nuts Tobacco Cuvie Plus

Nutty sweetness meets tobacco to form this satisfying 5% salt nicotine pre-filled vape. Order the Cuvie Plus Nuts Tobacco flavor today.

Tobacco Cuvie Plus

Classic tobacco e-juice that is slightly sweet was infused into the disposable Cuvie Plus vape pen to give tobacco lovers that distinct flavor. Be the first to try the Cuvie Plus Tobacco electronic cigarette.

Cuvie Plus Flavor Updates

HQD continues to release new single-use vaporizer flavors on a monthly basis. There are now 49 Cuvie Plus vape juice options to choose from! Stay tuned for the newest  flavors and HQD announcements from Puffin Vape Shop. 

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