Idaho Fast Delivery and Great Prices

Idaho - Disposable Vape Delivery & Best Prices

Puffin Vape provides Idaho vapers with the best deals and selection of disposable e-cigarettes. Our online store carries the most popular nicotine delivery systems, including HQD, Fume disposables, Puff Bar, Loy, and more! Browse our full selection of disposable vaping products

Fast Shipping

We ship vapes out the same day that orders are received. If your e-cigs don’t go out within one business day, we will give you a free vaporizer on us! That’s how committed Puffin is to fast deliveries and customer service. Read more about our customer-centric shipping policy..

Satisfaction Guarantee

Puffin is one of the only vapor e-commerce store that actually provides replacements or refunds for any defects. Faulty vapes are an undeniable reality of the e-cigarette industry. Although Puffin Vape does not manufacture these products, we still absorb the cost for any problematic e-cigs to ensure your hard-earned money isn’t wasted.

Best Discount

We offer the best discounts and sales on all vaping products for our Idaho customers. Prices on this site are already super low, but here’s a major discount to ensure you get the best vape pricing online. Use coupon code IdahoVapes for 15% off your entire order!

Our Selection

We carry a wide selection of disposable vaping devices. Browse our store for top e-cigarette brands today. We provide e-cigarettes to all cities in Idaho

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