HQD Cuvie Plus NEWEST Flavors - July 7, 2021

HQD Cuvie Plus continues to release new and exciting flavors every month! On July 7, 2021, HQD e-cigarette manufacturer introduced 3 highly anticipated salt nicotine options. Order the latest Cuvie Plus flavors with Puffin Vape Shop

New Cuvie Plus Flavors - July 2021

Coconut Grove

HQD's Coconut Grove Cuvie Plus flavor is a brand new pre-filled vaping option from the official manufacturer. Enjoy creamy coconut taste with an icy feel. 

Peach Ice

Peach Ice HQD e-juice flavor was a bestselling Cuvie V1 option for years. After popular demand from vapers, the company finally released Peach Ice with their Cuvie Plus model.  

Sky Mint

HQD's mint flavors are incredibly popular. This brand new minty option will take your vaping experience to new heights! Sky is the limit when it comes to freshness and taste. 

Where to Buy Cuvie Plus

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