New HQD Cuvie Flavors in 2020 - Tangerine Ice, Melon Ice and Blue Razz

New HQD Cuvie Flavors in 2020 - Tangerine Ice, Melon Ice and Blue Razz

New Cuvie Flavor Announcement 

HQD introduced three new Cuvie flavors in October, 2020: Tangerine Ice, Melon Ice and Blue Razz! The following tells you exactly what to expect from these new disposable vape options.  

Tangerine Ice Cuvie 

Tangerine Ice Cuvie is a tangy tasting disposable vape pen from HQD. The flavor is iced, providing a cooling sensation in the mouth and lungs. HQD’s Tangerine Ice salt nicotine e-juice is pre-filled in cutting edge vaping hardware. The vapor gives off a pleasing, citrusy aroma. If you enjoy HQD’s Orange Soda Cuvie, the Tangerine flavor is a perfect fit. It’s very similar to the Orange Soda, but with a sweeter taste. You can purchase this citrusy flavor on our site for only 15.99 per pack of 3!

Melon Ice Cuvie 

Melon Ice HQD Disposable e-cigarette gives you 300 puffs of icy salt nicotine flavor. Melon Ice has a similar taste to the Cantaloupe Cuvie, but with an icy sensation. The factory took one of their bestselling disposable vape flavors, Cantaloupe, and added menthol to create the Melon Ice Cuvie. This gives e-cig users who strictly vape ice-infused devices a chance to enjoy HQD’s one-of-a-kind melon e-liquids. Shop Melon Ice Cuvie for only 15.99 per pack of 3 today! 

Blue Razz

Blue Razz Cuvie is infused with one of the most popular salt nicotine e-liquid flavors in the world! HQD has taken this super sought after e-juice option and took it to another level! Enjoy all 300 puffs of candy raspberry goodness. This flavor is one of the few Cuvie options that don’t provide a menthol feeling in the mouth and throat. Puffin Vape Shop sells a 3-pack of Blue Razz Cuvies for only 15.99! 

HQD Cuvie V1 Information 

There are now 33 salt nicotine e-juice options to choose from! These detailed breakdowns help our HQD customers make informed buying decisions. 

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