Disposable Vape Shipping - Hyde, Fume, Puff Bar, Loy, Stig, Puff Bar

Disposable Vape Shipping - Hyde, Fume, Puff Bar, Loy, Stig, Puff Bar

Fast Disposable Vape Shipping

Enjoy timely deliveries with Puffin Vape for everything related to disposable e-cigs: Cuvies, Cuvie Plus, HQD Mega, Puff Bar Plus, LOY XL, Fume Extra, POP, Hyde disposables, and more! 

Many online e-cig stores claim to offer same-day shipping, but what does that even mean? Are they really sending out your product ASAP? Everyone uses the same carriers for the most part. With COVID-19 and PACT ACT, it has become increasingly difficult to provide a precise ETA. Puffin only makes promises that we can keep!

This is our guarantee to you: We will provide your order to the shipping company immediately after receiving it. If we are unable to send your order to the post office same-say, you will receive a free vape on us! There are occasional complications that are out of our control. Although Puffin can't control the Post Office, we do our part to ensure that your packages are shipped promptly. 

When I see our team running to the post office 3 to 5 times on a SATURDAY, it gives me confidence that our company is fulfilling your order as fast or faster than anyone else. That is why we only have one option at checkout - expedited for $12.99. If you place an order over $50, we have $9.99 priority mail shipping option. Adult signature costs us a minimum of $14.99 per package, so we are losing money to ensure that you get a reasonable disposable vape deal.

Many other sites up-charge for expedited shipping, which means they’re making a profit on what we do for free! Businesses don’t have control over the post office, so the priority is to do OUR part right away - Pack and bring to the post office immediately.

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