Barz Disposable Vape pen image includes floating lips with an ice cube in between them on the top left corner. Featuring the Grape Ice salt nicotine electronic cigarette in the middle with a cloud of purple smoke. Text reads - Barz - Most Underrated Vape

Barz - Most Underrated Disposable Vape

Barz - Best Value Vape pen 

Barz is the most underrated disposable electronic cigarette  device on the market. New one-use vapes are coming out constantly. That said, the competition makes it hard for certain brands to reach their full potential.

Barz disposable has approximately 30 searches per month on google, which isn’t much compared to Puff Bar’s 1 million monthly queries! Based on our vaping experience and customer feedback, this e-cig isn't getting the kind of traction it deserves. 

Search volume was obtained using Neil Patel’s SEO tool, Uber Suggest.

Same Great Buzz - New Name

Barz was originally called Buzz. The new name is more descriptive and representative of the Vape’s shape. With that being said, rebranding is never easy. This most likely took the company back a few steps from a marketing standpoint.


Barz disposable and pre-charged vape pens come in 11 super flavorful options. These devices provide consistent airflow and masterful e-liquid flavor delivery. The price per puff is super low. Order authentic Barz for only $4.50 on Puffin Vape Shop for a limited time. Each device contains 1.25ml of 5% strength salt nice e-juice and yields approximately 300 puffs. Other top brands that provide the same amount of hits cost up to $10.95 per device.

Barz Discount

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