Best REAL Puff Bar Deal

Best REAL Puff Bar Deal

We’re all coming to grips with the inevitable flavored vape ban. Puff Bar and other large e-cig brands received unsettling warning letters from the FDA recently. It’s just a matter of a time until these salt nicotine nuggets become unavailable. That’s why we’re doing a major closeout sale on all nicotine delivery systems.

Lowest Price

Order authentic Puff Bars on our site for only 7.99 with coupon code TheLastPuff at checkout. The fake vape pandemic isn’t getting any better. It’s important to shop with a company that’s transparent and clearly making an effort to combat counterfeiting. We provide instructions to verify that your Puff disposable is legit, so you can buy with confidence. At this price, you are basically paying the same amount as certain e-cig businesses. You will see super cheap options online, but be assured this is the best deal you’ll get on REAL Puff Bars.

Free Vape!

To sweeten up this salt nic deal, we are also providing a free Barz (formerly known as Buzz) vape for every box of Puffs purchased (10 e-cigarettes). Many compare the Barz flavors to Puff Bar, so we wanted to share this great product with you. There isn’t a coupon code for this, so we will include flavors that are similar to your purchase. 


Many stores will put the blame for defects on the actually factory, meaning they refuse to refund their customers. Puffin Vape Shop provides a satisfaction guarantee. We will replace your pods or give back your money if you’re not 100% happy. Let’s be real here - Malfunctions happen consistently, so in addition to the best price, we also give you that peace of mind that your money won’t be wasted on broken e-cigarettes.

Same-Day Shipping

Our fulfillment team packages and provides product to the carrier within 24 hours of receiving orders. We don’t charge extra for this additional hustle. Click to learn more about our ship and deliver process. We discuss how other companies take advantage of a customer‘s need for speedy deliveries by throwing in extra fees.

Avoid Counterfeits!

We wrote a detailed article with info on how to identify fake Puff Bars. The best way to check? Simply enter the code included into the official Puff Salts website.

Last Chance

Puffin is not ordering anymore disposables after we sell out of our current inventory. Our team worked extremely hard to build this business, but regulations have become too volatile and uncertain for us. The price will surely go up as the ban approaches, so we recommend you stock up ASAP.

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