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Best Disposable Vapes for Coffee Drinkers

by MageComp 10 Sep 2020

Best E-cigarette Flavors to Puff with Coffee

We’ve heard it countless times - Nicotine pairs well with coffee. Most smokers and vapers enjoy coupling these two indulgences for an enhanced experience. Unlike cigarettes, e-juice comes in a wide variety of distinct flavors. Pineapple, for example, might not mesh too well with a cappuccino or Espresso. In this article, we highlight disposable e-cigarette flavors that go well with your favorite caffeinated drink.

Have Some Coffee, Chief

Airis Chief Mocha Coffee is #1 for obvious reasons. This salt nicotine juice was made to taste like a mocha "cafe". There aren't a lot of coffee vapes out there, so this is a rare treat for vape-users. The Airis company nailed that distinct flavor and added a hint of menthol for a cooling finish. With 2600 puffs, you can enjoy this e-cig for days to even weeks depending on usage.

Get Nutty With Cuvie

HQD Cuvie Nuts Tobacco tops our list with its pleasing aroma, smooth airflow and sweet taste. The pre-filled vaping product does not produce an icy sensation or fruity flavoring. With 5% salt nicotine content and 300 juicy rips per device and 900 puffs in a pack, this disposable exceeds expectations.

MEGA Tobacco Taste

HQD Mega Cubano looks similar to Cuvie V1, but it's way bigger and provides a whopping 1800 puffs! This e-juice is not sweet at all and it mirrors that distinct smoking experience. If you are looking for pure cuban tobacco flavor, this is the right disposable for you. 

Sweet Cuban Flavor 

Fume Extra Cuban Tobacco generates super strong hits of creamy cigar taste. Enjoy 1500 puffs of salt nicotine flavors at a super affordable cost!

Menthol Smokers - Perfect Choice

There are a bunch of e-cig options for former smokers that prefer that cooling feel with every hit.

Fume Mint Flavors

Fume disposable is arguably the fastest growing vaporizer brand on planet earth. One of the reason for their meteoric rise to success is their minty salt nic flavors. Fume comes in three models, including EXTRA, ULTRA and INFINITY. All three options have minty pre-filled vape pens to choose from.

Cuvie Ice Mint

Ice Mint Cuvie is another great option from HQD. We suggest this e-liquid flavor for those who smoke menthol cigarettes with their morning cup of joe. It has a low defect rate and strong nicotine content. It has 50MG (5%) salt nicotine strength and 3 pieces per pack.

Loy Smoothie Time

Banana Milkshake Loy XL gives you that sweet frap feel when coupled with coffee. It’s succulent and incredibly flavorful. The salt nicotine is delivered directly from mouth to lung with ease. These super long lasting vapes yield 1600 consistent hits. 

Caffeine and Nic Conclusion 

Similar to tobacco, coffee is derived from a plant. Its origins can be traced back to Ethiopia. In present day, the beans are grown all of the world, from Brazil to South East Asia! The beans sprout from shrubs and bushes. 

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