About HQD TECH - Disposable Vape Company

About HQD TECH - Disposable Vape Company

Many claim to be the owner or exclusive distributor of HQD disposable vape pens. We are here to give you the real facts about this rapidly growing e-cigarette business. In the vaporizer industry, it’s important to buy from a company that is transparent and honest. Puffin Vape strives to provide accurate and essential information.

Owner of HQD

The brand is owned by Shenzhen HQD Technology Co., Ltd., a manufacturer headquartered in China. They are the only ones who can claim true ownership of this business. 

HQD Certificates:

The company claims to have CE, FCC, ROHS and MSDS certificates. HQD states that their product quality meets international standards.

Verification Instructions

Here are detailed instructions to verify HQD products. These links and details can be used to authenticate all HQD models.


HQD Tech offers several e-cigarette devices, including the KING, MEGA, V2, and ROSY. In this article, we highlight their most popular devices: Cuvie PLUS & Cuvie V1.

Cuvie Plus

Cuvie Plus is HQD's most sought after disposable vaping product. There are over 47 flavors to choose from! Each device contains 5% strength salt nicotine concentration and yields 1200+ puffs. Vape-users enjoy the wide variety of pre-filled flavors offered in Plus-Size Cuvie vape pen. Browse and shop all Cuvie Plus flavors today! 

    Cuvie V1

    Cuvie version 1 is HQD's flagship e-cigarette and a very reliable single-use vaping product. Each pack includes 3 individual vaporizers and 900 total puffs. As is the case with most HQD products, the original Cuvie pod devices contain 5% strength salt nicotine.

      Potential Flavor Ban

      Cuvie and other salt nicotine disposable e-cigs are facing a potential ban. The FDA released a report that several companies received warnings. Many states, including New Jersey and New York, have already put a prohibition on flavored nicotine delivery systems. 

      PACT ACT 

      The Prevent All Cigarettes Trafficking Act now applies to all vaping products! This makes purchasing vapes online extremely difficult and will force hundreds of online e-cigarette stores to close their doors. Fortunately, Puffin Vape Shop is in the process of registering with every state to comply with the Federal Government's law. It's extremely expensive and time consuming, but we are in it for the long-run and dedicated to satisfying your e-cig needs! We can only hope that HQD and other e-cig manufacturers are doing their best to follow the strict guidelines set out by our government. If they're not, these vaping devices might not be around for much longer. Make sure to stock up your favorite HQD devices because they might not be around forever. 


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