Disposable Vape Age Checker - Moral & Legal Responsibility

Disposable Vape Age Checker - Moral & Legal Responsibility

Underage people are using disposable e-cigarettes and it's an undeniable problem. Government and anti-vaping organizations are strongly considering an all out ban! Teens also buy alcohol illegally, so why is the Vape industry facing so much scrutiny?

Electronic cigarettes are discreet, odorless and compact in size, making them easy to hide. Also, many are concerned about candy and fruit e-juice flavors appealing to kids. Regardless of rhyme or reason, the future of salt nicotine devices is looking bleak. That said, age checking technology has brought new hope to the e-cig industry.

How you can help

For the sake of our youth and the disposable vape industry, please support online e-cigarette stores that have a legitimate age verification system in place. Puffin Vape Shop and others are charged a significant fee for age confirmation software. Therefore, we count on the support of adult vape users who choose to do business with companies that invest time and money in underage vaping prevention tech. If you come across a business that doesn’t age verify DOB at checkout, consider purchasing from a store that has proper prevention technology instead.

Youth Prevention Over Profits

Online vape stores are charged a fee for every verified transaction, which means businesses that use age checker technology are putting underage vaping prevention over profits. Margins are tight in this industry. Therefore, using software that takes a percentage of every transaction is an admirable decision.

Companies that don’t implement essential age verification software should not be rewarded with more sales and customers. They’re already paying less than e-cigarette companies that do the right thing. Support companies like Puffin Vape Shop. We verify every transaction and are committed to preventing underage individuals from buying any e-cigarette products!

Online Vape Shop Responsibility

There is a simple solution that ALL online smoke shops should be implementing right now - Age Checker. No excuses - If you have an online e-cigarette store, do the right thing and add an age checker!

Save our youth and the vape industry! 

If businesses and consumers dedicate themselves to using an age checker, we can most likely preserve the e-cigarette device industry for years to come and keep age-prohibited items away from teens. That said, if people don’t setup proper age determining measures, we might be facing an all-out ban soon.

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