Cuvie Flavors - Full List

Cuvie Flavors - Full List

Many HQD customers are not familiar with all 33 Cuvie flavors. There are important details that you should know before deciding on a disposable Salt nicotine device option. We’ve released multiple blog posts that describe these disposable vape pens, but this article combines all that info and provides everything you need to know about these e-cigarette flavors. 

Update: As of January 2021, there are now 33 HQD Cuvie V1 flavors to choose from. 

This image displays 27 Cuvies. Here are specifications for every Cuvie flavor.

HQD's newest releases include Energy Drink, Candy, Fruit Fusion, Strawberry Watermelon, Strawberry Shortcake, and Pina Colada

Ice Cold Hard Facts 

The majority of flavors include menthol, which provides that cool feeling in the mouth and throat. People oftentimes confuse mint (flavor) and menthol (cold sensation). Almost every Cuvie flavor has menthol infused in it. Some are more pronounced than others. Learn about all of the icy details today. 

Disclaimer: We did not have these lab tested for menthol. The results are based on our opinions after consistently trying every flavor. 

V1 Vs. V2

The main difference is the actual device. The e-liquid seems to be the same. Version 2 is smaller and was released after the original. It’s important to mention that we only sell ORIGINAL Cuvies on this website, also known as V1. In reality, when someone uses the word “Cuvie” on it’s own, without a “V2” or "V1" at the end, that technically means it’s an original. Basically, Cuvie = V1. Version 2 and Plus sizes aren’t available on this site. We chose to avoid these HQD devices. 

Detailed Specs

* 3 e-cigarettes per pack

* One package yields enough nicotine to equal about 60 cigarettes

* Use coupon code PuffPro10 at checkout - Only $14.39 for 3 devices  

* Orders sent to shipping company within 24 hours - One business day 

* Shipping to international locations with DHL. We are certified with IATA 

* Pre-loaded - Does not require charging or filling - Open the pack and puff 

* 1.25ML e-juice per vaporizer 

* 5% (50mg strength) salt nicotine strength 

* Voltage: 3.7V

* Power Range: 7W-12W

* Size: 80x20x12

* Weight: 12 grams

* 280MAH battery included for immediate use 

* 33 e-juice flavors to choose from 

* Majority of the options are Iced/Menthol

How to tell if a Cuvie is Real

Due to uncertainty in the e-cig industry, verification results have been inconsistent. This article tells you exactly how to spot a fake HQD pen. 

Where to buy

Browse all 33 Cuvie flavors on Puffin Vape Shop to find the best option for you! Use coupon code TheLastCuvies at checkout for 20% off your order! We provide replacements for any defects, fast shipping, best discounts, and unmatched customer service! Shop with us for a better online e-cig experience.
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