Fume Cuban Tobacco Flavor Discontinued - Limited Supply

The Last Cuban Tobacco Fumes

Fume vapor announced that the Cuban Tobacco flavor is being discontinued. This comes as disappointing news to people who enjoy that no-nonsense flavor. It’s a favorite for many adult vape-users, including our team at Puffin Vape Shop.

Good news is that Puffin Vape stocked up on as many Cuban Tobacco Ultra as possible. We have exactly 100 pieces left!

There are no Fume Extra tobacco in the market and only a handful of the Ultra (2500-puff) Cuban flavor. The ultra and extra flavors are exactly the same.

Cuban tobacco fume is one of our favorite flavors. It's surprising that the company decided to discontinue it. We strongly suggest the Cuvie V1 nuts tobacco as an alternative when the Fume Cuban flavor becomes unavailable. In the meantime, make sure to place your order while supplies last.